Book Review: The God Who Satisfies

Title: The God Who Satisfies

Tagline: How Jesus seeks, saves, and sanctifies Samaritan women- like us

Author: Chris Anderson

Genre: nonfiction

Summary: Pastor Chris Anderson puts a new twist on the well-known Bible story of Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well (otherwise known as the Samaritan woman). Her life-changing meeting with Jesus, found in John 4, becomes the basis for a book designed to point readers to God’s great redemptive work.

Pastor Anderson emphasizes five ways Jesus works in peoples’ lives: He seeks sinners, He saves sinners, He satisfies sinners, He turns sinners into worshippers, and finally He turns sinners into missionaries.

None of these things would be possible apart from Jesus.

I also enjoyed the hymns sprinkled throughout. The author is a prolific hymn writer, and he makes frequent use of his own songs. These help to drive home his points and to further direct the reader’s focus toward God. It’s an interesting technique I’ve never come across in a book before.  

My Thoughts: A friend gave me this book for Christmas, but I didn’t read through it until recently. It sat by my chair for a long time, with other books always taking precedence. I’m so glad I finally read through The God Who Satisfies.

This book was straightforward and to the point; it was also very convicting. If you’re looking for a fluffy, happy book designed to make you feel good about yourself, it’s not going to be this one.

However, if you’re looking for a powerful book whose sole purpose is to direct the reader to Christ and help him or her grow as a Christian, this is the book for you.

The God Who Satisfies will cause readers to see Jesus’ amazing works in a new light. It’s easy to read the biblical account of the Samaritan woman and think, “Well, I’m sure not her. I’d never have five husbands! She really needed Jesus to save her.”

But Pastor Anderson repeatedly reminds his readers that we are all Samaritan women. We are all desperate, needy sinners, thirsty for the satisfaction only a relationship with God can give us.   

This book will help you see the woman at the well, and her Savior, in a whole new light. God did great things in her life, and He does in ours as well.  

Favorite Quotes: “This unnamed lady is representative of everybody. We all experience painful solitude. We all have skeletons in our closets. We all have more questions than answers. And we all have a deep thirst for something more- even if we don’t know what that ‘something” is.”

“Women were downcast- but not to our Lord. Throughout his ministry, He elevated them. He spoke to them. He defended them. He commended them. He forgave them. He healed at their requests. He made them heroes of His parables. He relied on them as some of His more faithful, courageous, and generous followers.”

“I didn’t understand that what Jesus calls me to is infinitely superior to what the world offers! He calls me to abundant life, to delight, to joy! And unlike the siren calls of the world, He actually delivers.”

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